Stock Intraday Technical Quiz 10/02/21

Got a thought while i Was playing a Quiz Game Yesterday So here is the Question is This is a Intraday Quiz, find out the Stock Name and Some Techincals which is Common in all the Stocks as on 9/02/2021 (Find the Stock )This Analysis is done on the Closing Price of 09/02/21 00:04:59 (Find the Stock ) Closing Price is 2506.85 and change is 3.72 % and Closed Positively, belongs to Services Review of the stock how it traded today (#stock analysis #stocks #analysis #index #banknifty #nifty ) Today made a Gapupopening and made a high of 2532.45 and a Low of 2423.65 and Closed at2506.85 the difference between previous close and today close is 90.00and Closed Positively, This stock is trading in Negative Side and Momentum is 22.33149 which is Negative, and the monthly volatility is 35.55466% and current Year Change is -9.14% and this month its trading … Read More
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