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Amibroker Courses

We designed Amibroker Courses by Keeping in mind that everone understands(even a non Programmer) to create and test your ideas

Tested Trading Systems

Our trading systems are tested with 10+ years of Historical data over different market cycles with consistency

Stock Technical Report

We Provide Weekly/Monthly Techincal Reports in Pdf format for Nse Stocks which will be sent to your Email ID

Our Working Process

Our process on creating awesome Trading Systems.
  • 1.Idea

    Generate ideas by Experience,Books and Historical data

  • 2.Backtesting

    Code and test the idea with a Set of historical data to confirm its edge

  • 3.Forward Testing

    Testing with new set of data which is not used while Backtesing

  • 4. Finalize

    We will finalize it by testing its edge over slippage,liquidity,Commisions, etc


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    Iam a stock market professional with a 10+ years of experience in investing and trading and a advisor for Money mangers using systematical trading approach using mathematical formulas and helping retail traders to understand about the importance of data analytics using Amibroker. he has created multiple trading strategies which is running across multiple segments consistently over the period of last five years successfully(from 2015) . He has wide knowledge of Trading techniques and methodologies which he uses in his trading system

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